Friday, 20 February 2015

Regatta Hotel Boatshed Review

 I'm back again! Sorry for this post being a little later than usual, but tonight I was out, and it is the whole reason why this post is going up. Tonight I went to dinner with a few of my relatives, including my lovely cousins. We went out to the Regatta Hotel in Milton, which I had never been there before.

So, when we first arrived, we had many issues of parking (and we actually got a parking ticket because apparently we were parked in a taxi zone - we checked, and there were no signs saying so), yet we got to the hotel and had a few drinks, waiting for the others to arrive. The hotel is super loud and full of people in their 20s, so I felt it would be a great place to go out to, if I was 18 and not with my family. Many conversations weren't spoken, they were yelled, because you could barely hear the person next to you.

It was crazy loud, but thankfully we all got into the Boathouse and it was a bit quieter. It was either quieter, or our ears had become immune to the super loud noise, because even in the boathouse, it was extremely loud.
 Thankfully the food was really great. I had an entree of 'baked half shell scallops. You will have to excuse my horrible photography, as it was taken on my phone and with the flash on since the boat shed has dim lighting. The entree was small, but the scallops themselves tasted amazing. I usually hate scallops, but these ones, I would seriously eat an ocean of them. These were great.
 Not long after we had our mains come, mine being 'chargrilled rump steak' which was alright. The sizing was quite good, yet the steak wasn't as tender as I would've hoped. The jacket potato, and mushroom sauce tasted amazing and the potato was cooked to perfection. 
Now the desert was something my cousins and I were really wanting, and it was so good. Mine was a 'chocolate macadamia and salted caramel tart'. The ice cream was vanilla and tasted so good, I wish there was more of it. The entire dish was just great and the food from the whole night was just perfect. 

These dishes costed $60 all together, which is an alright price considering the location of the hotel and quality of the food. By the end of the night, I was (still am) full of food, and there's no way I would stay away from this place. It has great food, the service was alright, yet the only negative I can think of is the noise level. I understand the hotel is more for younger people out partying or whatever, but it was just too loud. 

So has anyone eaten at the Regatta Hotel? Because if you have, you're super lucky.

xx Sarah Judith