Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Dressing Games

Hello again all! Today I have another fashion filled blog post for you. This time I ventured to the lovely online store, Miss J Audrey which after knowing about it for a few months, I have absolutely fallen in love with all of their clothes! They're a mixture of girly and bohemian, the mixture of the two different fashions are perfect together in the cute little website that I think I shall be visiting regularly. 
I have chosen a few of the clothes from the website, from each 'department' (I guess you could call it that) and here we go!
Camellia Cashmere Scarf - $15 (Miss J Audrey)
This scarf is gorgeous. Just the whole tassels, and the colour, just makes me super happy! Oh my gosh, it's also only $15! The colour would make any outfit pop, and the colour is just perfect, and it's a colour that matches my eyes greatly. I just love the look of softness it has and the length is perfect for wearing it in any way. It's the perfect scarf for all year round accessorising. 
Tom - $269 (Miss J Audrey)
Damn. I scrolled down to these boots and seriously, I love them. Usually I hate boots, but these I would wear even if they don't suit my body. Thigh high boots usually make me look shorter, and they usually don't fit my super thin legs. I just love how great these boots look, and trust me, if I suited thigh high boots, I would definitely buy these in a heart beat.
Chain Me Up Skirt - $169 (Miss J Audrey)
This skirt is so chic! The whole embellishments on the skirt itself make me imagine myself clubbing (in a few months since I'm not 18 yet) all night long wearing this skirt with some freaking amazing high heels. It would be an amazing skirt for an amazing night.
Panel Sleeve Jacket - $169 (Miss J Audrey)
Woah. I love jackets, but the colour and the shape of this jacket is fantastic. The colour is great, because it's a mixed grey, so it's not in your face. It's the perfect jacket to tone down a bright outfit, bringing it more down to Earth. 
Party Floral Cami - $39 (Miss J Audrey)
This top screams summer and of course, being the typical Australian I totally am, my eyes were drawn to the floral print. It's not fluorescent, and it's not ridiculously bright. Pair this skirt with anything that has a bit of a tight hugging figure, show of what you've got!
Miss Sunshine Dress - $59 (Miss J Audrey)

The last and yet still gorgeous item in this post is of course this dress. It's pink, it's short, it flows and it's got next to no back. This is the perfect dress for me, and I just love the whole of it. It's just super girly, and I just love the fact that it's not a low cut dress at the front! Sick of those dresses because you know, lack of breasts.

So welcome to Miss J Audrey, one of the cutest online stores I have happened to come upon for quite a long time. So please, just check out how great their shop is, I'm sure you'll find something you love! There is currently a link for their website on the right of this blog post!

xx Sarah Judith