Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Fashion is not Frozen

I'm back! And another fashion related post, this one from the lovely shop at www.freez.com.au! This website is great, if you're looking for bright, happy, summery clothing, which is always the fashion many Australian girls turn to! So, instead of my usual darker colour sort of clothing, I took a lunge into the deep end and came out with four of their items, which of course I will be talking about.
Freez Kaftan Dress - $59 (Freez)
Okay, so to start with, we have the 'Freez Kaftan Dress' which is scarily (for me) bright! On anyone else, I'd absolutely love this, but for me the colour is just too bright. It's a simple yet effective design, which would be perfect for the beach, going to a teenage party or even a casual day at home. This kaftan could easily be dressed up or down, with changes in accessories and shoes. Even just wearing your hair down, this item will look great. 

Freez String Top - $39 (Freez)
This top I can tolerate. The colour is still there, but it's blue, and I absolutely adore the colour blue, as many of you may already know. For some reason, most things I buy turn out to be blue. I could seriously have a room full of blue things. Maybe a good idea for a future post. Maybe not. But this top, can be paired with anything. I personally would wear it regularly to tafe since it's got a simple, cute design that doesn't tend to go to low. This top could be dressed with a skirt, or some pants, whichever you prefer. Even some jeans and black ballet flats would go nicely with this top. I may even buy it for myself. 
Heart R Free Print Skirt - $49 (Freez)
I love skirts. Skirts with floral patterns are cool, but I've always wanted a maxi skirt to suit me. They never seem to be just right, because I'm super thin, and it just looks ridiculous on my legs. But this skirt is gorgeous, with the slit up the leg, making it a little flirtatious. If I could suit these awesome skirts, I would wear them 24/7 and this skirt itself would be in the top 3 of my favourite maxi skirts. Now I just need to go on the hunt to find a maxi skirt that suits me. Wish me luck, I'm going to need it. 
Freez Tassel Necklace - $15 (Freez)
So recently you may have seen young girls, older girls and just the female gender in general wearing necklaces like these. Of course, I do not currently have one, mainly because I haven't been able to find one I like. Well tonight is the night where I have done so. This necklace is adorable and I've always loved tassels and the colour yellow. You put those together and you get this freaking amazing necklace and damn, I really love this shop for it. 

Freez, I love you, but I think my bank account is going to hate you. Sorry.

xx Sarah Judith