Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Going Green - Succulent Bowl

It has been forever since I've made a post, and for that I am very seriously sorry!
I've had a few crappy things happen in the last few weeks and I just got a bit upset about everything to the point where I just had no motivation to do anything.
But now I'm back! And I have a post I'm super happy about to make up for my lack of existence.

I have come to love succulents, because they're so easy to grow and if I forget to water them (which is why so many of my plants die) they are still okay, because they retain the water! So as I'm sure you've all seen online, people have been planting a variety of different succulents in bowls, and they all look great!
 Above is an example of one that I found on lovely old google! I just love the different colours and the mass of them!
So here's a little DIY on succulents and how I did the succulent bowl.

 First of all, get a cacti & succulents mix. It's important to get the cacti one for your succulents as the mix makes the water easier to pass through, which is exactly what you want for your plants. Succulents don't need a lot of water, as they hold them in their leaves, and if they do get too much water, the leaves won't be very plump and will be long and thin. Not a good look, so spending a few extra dollars is definitely worth it.

 I got this bowl for about $10, and it's best to get a terracotta pot. This one was the main one I used as I had heaps of plants, yet not enough to hold all my plants.

This is one of the bowls I did, which I put in only three succulents. One of the succulents I bought already had a pup on it, so I knew it was going to be bigger soon (the pale succulent on the bottom). The other dark green succulent is one of my favourites, so I put in this one and the small one I was having issues growing in a pot by itself before, so I changed it's pot with these ones and hopefully now it'll really start to take off. 
When planting succulents, it's important to not be too rough with its leaves, as it has a special film on the top of the leaves that protects it from too much water. It acts as a rebound for the water so they don't get too waterlogged and end up dying. So be careful!

Lastly, this is my ultimate favourite bowl. The one in the middle is my most favourite succulent of them all because it's green with purple edges and just ugh I love it so much. The other succulents around it are super tiny, yet I'm hoping they'll survive and thrive. 

So there you have it guys, my little succulents and their little homes. I have also added some small black stones so now it looks even better than just the soil. If you have any succulents, totally tweet them to me on @thesjdiaries or even tag me in them on Instagram! I will be using my personal Instagram so you can all see how weird my use of it is. Yet I do need to update it and put more photos up of course (last upload was 1 week ago and it was of my succulents oops) you can find me at @sarah__smiles and stalk me! I'll most likely follow you all back if I can :)

xx Sarah Judith