Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Where I Write My Blog Posts From

 Hello readers of my blog!
Tonight I have a post about my blog posts; where I write them. 

 I write all (mostly) my blog posts sitting cross legged on my bed, listening to music on spotify far too loudly, with my fairy lights lit and my awesome Eiffel Tower lamp on. Sometimes I’ll be in my pyjamas, my work uniform (if I’ve just finished work) or just my everyday clothes. I either write one post for that current night and smile happily when I press the ‘publish’ button or some nights I even write many posts and schedule them if I have a busy week or two ahead of me. Either way, this is where I relaxingly write my blog posts for you lovely people to read, and it helps me to enjoy it greatly.
 The one thing I love about writing these blog posts from my bed is the pillows. I have two rectangular pillows and one rainbow crochet circular cushion my mum made for me, and all three of them make the bed super comfortable and if I’m having a mind blank, I can lay on the for a while and it’s just super relaxing. And they even look good!

 Another item on my bed I adore is my quilt. My mother made it for me when I was super young and got my first bed. I still use it, and it’s still in super good condition, mainly because of the high quality. (Mum, if you’re reading this, does this mean I get brownie points?) This quilt is super soft of course and the pattern is great and I don’t think I’ll ever part with it, unless giving it to a younger generation of my family. That could be super cool.
My fairy lights are a relaxing feature that I move around my room regularly when I think it’ll look better in a different place. They’ve been all over my room, and of course they look snazzy everywhere. Also, with only them on at night, it lights up my entire room, which is helpful for going to the toilet at 2am and not wanting to be blinded by a harsh light.
That’s my little area I create my blog posts for you all to read. Whether it’s writing a blog post for that night, or a few posts for many nights in advanced, or even editing my photos for these posts, I sit in the most comfortable area of my house that doesn’t give me any excuses to procrastinate or to even get off task.

This place is 100% going to be where I study for my diploma and write my assessments from. It is now not only my blogging area, it’s my mini computer lab!

Also in about a month or so, it’s getting a makeover and I am super excited to share it with all of you in the very near future. Just a hint, it’s not going to be the same colour scheme as it is now, and it’s going to make me feel a whole lot more like a proper adult.

xx Sarah Judith

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