Saturday, 31 January 2015

My First Week of tafe

Hello everyone again!
I have finally completed a full week of tafe! That's it, my first week of tafe is over, and I have very seriously loved every single minute of it.

I am so in love with nursing already, and I haven't even done prac.

The week started off with Tuesday, which I had Cultural Cluster and Aged Care. Cultural cluster is a class made up of three other classes, and has to do with working effectively with other people from other cultures. I already love the class, as I love and enjoy many other cultures and just the idea that there is a class dedicated to working with cultures is absolutely great! Aged Care is also now one of my other favourite classes since it's about old people. The class is seriously on my favourite age group. I have always strongly believed that old people are worth taking care of, since they have created the world we live in, whether they like it or not. And also because old people seem to like me, since I'm small and look like a twelve year old mostly.

Wednesday is the best day ever with only one class - Infection control and workplace health and safety. The class goes from 8:00-10:30 and that's it for the day. The class focuses more on the legal side of nursing, talking about how to prevent and control infections and then of course the workplace health and safety side is more about keeping everyone in the workplace safe at the workplace and sending the worker home safely. Then after that class I go into the city for a meal ;) best treat of the week!

Thursday's are my full days. I have communication which is a mixture of psychology and counselling, pretty much learning how to communicate effectively with our clients. Then I have terminology, which is learning all the medical jargon used in the gigantic medical world, and lastly Fundamentals, which this week we spent the last half of the lesson (1.5 hours) learning how to make beds! Who knew that making beds could be so technical! There were diagrams and everything, even a chapter in our text book is dedicated to the making of beds.

So that's my first week of tafe, and I have even made a friend. She's pretty cool, we seem to have a lot in common and I'm hoping we get to make it through the course together.

Just a small update on my education life, ensuring you all that I'm not slacking!

xx Sarah Judith

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