Tuesday, 3 February 2015

How to Live Happily

Hello again my little family of people.

The last few weeks have been the most amazing weeks of my life, and I've been the happiest I have been for as long as I can remember. Since this feeling is hopefully going to be permanent, I am here to give you little munchkins my knowledge on
Because it's a very important life skill.

  1. Have a playlist of happy songs on your phone. - This has helped me get through my new daily bus rides to and from tafe. I have it blaring through my earphones and I'm pretty sure the fellow passengers on the bus think there's something mentally wrong with me because I'm super happy. Even at 7am in the morning. It's what the music does.
  2. Eat healthily. - I have always had a rather healthy diet, mainly because my mother thinks she's overweight. She's not, and she's a freaking awesome person, who needs to stop looking towards the media for body idols. I eat healthily whenever I can. If I'm feeling hungry, I have some crackers with some dip. It's better than macdonalds, and it tastes a whole lot better. 
  3. Try not to have negative thoughts. - I used to have negative thoughts about everything. Many of these thoughts I kept to myself. Until one day a guy friend of mine, I realised that he actually complains about everything. If it's raining: 'I hate rain, makes things slippery'. Something was wrong with the food he ordered: 'Wow I wish I got something different, because this is disgusting'. He complains about everything that he could've prevented, and it annoys me to no end. So before complaining about something, I now take a breath and think of something positive about it. It's raining: 'The trees look so much nicer when wet actually'. Easy!
  4. Make more time to hang out with friends. - This is pretty logical. Even if it's for a quick coffee (or in my case hot chocolate), friends are freaks and are freaking amazing. So no excuses, hang out with your friends dear people.
  5. Walk. - I try to walk at least 4km a day. This is super easy for me, considering I walk those just going to and from bus stops to get to and from tafe. It makes you breathe in the fresh air, and gives you that little bit of exercise.
  6. Combination? - You could totally go all out and try these five tips at once, which would be pretty crazy, yet kudos to you, people who can achieve it. I can totally imagine going on a walk with my best friend, drinking a berry smoothie I made myself, listening to music with said best friend and totally complimenting everything we past. We would be the new town weirdos, but at least we'd be hella happy!
So that's how I stay happy, having a laugh with friends and all of these steps are just plain simple. Just do what makes you happy and the rest will come naturally. I have finally given up on caring what people think of me as a person, and have begun to concentrate on how I feel as a person.

xx Sarah Judith

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