Sunday, 25 January 2015

My Bucket List

 I’m back, and this time, I have a bit of a generic post for you all.
The Bucket List. We’ve all heard of it, and many people have one of their own. Mine is fairly short as I have no idea what I want to do in the next 2 hours let alone the rest of my life. But after some careful thinking, I have accumulated a few that I think would be fairly great to happen whilst I’m on this Earth.

Travel to every country –
Well of course this is my first choice, because I love travelling. The whole flight experience, meeting new people, being involved in different cultures and then of course, the photography. Oh the photos I could take. The amount of memory cards I would fill, and the huge bill for printing them. It would be so cool to then also tell people ‘yeah, I’ve been to every country in the world. Be jealous’. Also the food, just to taste things I’ve never knew existed, to see the world would be the most amazing experience known to mankind and I would probably not know what to do with myself once I’ve been everywhere. Of course I would only go to countries when their safe. Not that silly.

Dye my hair a darker colour –
I have always wondered what I would look like with darker hair. My super white skin may look amazing with it, and that’s something I would greatly appreciate.

Use liquid eyeliner perfectly –
I’ve tried it a few times, and IT’S SO HARD! How people get it perfect every day, I shall maybe one day find out. And I’ll probably make a post about it, since it’s on my Bucket List!

Sell one of my photography canvas prints –
I have wanted to do this since Christmas (2014) after seeing the canvas prints I did for my dad. He loves them, and I love them two, so why not sell them? It’ll be a cool way to get my photography out there.

Graduate from tafe –
For obvious reasons, graduating from tafe will be one of the many things in my life to give me happiness and I’m looking forward to it! It shall be an awesome moment!

Get a job as an Enrolled Nurse –
That’s the whole reason I went to tafe, and duh, I’m going to get a job doing what I love!

Graduate from University –
Then I can work as a registered nurse! How cool is that! I have more experience than I did before! Awesome!

Get a job as a Registered Nurse –
Heck yeah registered nurse is going to be an awesome profession and I can totally see myself as one for many years of my life.

Move to Melbourne – 
Melbourne is the true love of my life, and even though I’ve only been there once, I know the love I feel between her and me, it is meant to be. I could honestly write a lengthy romance about the love. It’s meant to be.

Go travelling with the brother –
My brother is pretty cool when he wants to be and even if we go somewhere for a few days, travelling with him would be pretty great!

Grow my hair to my waist –
It’ll look awesome and I can plait it, pretending I’m a Disney Princess. Life goals.

Cook every recipe in my cook book – 
The cookbook I got for Christmas (2014) is chockers with recipes I would love to explore and it’s going to be exciting to cook every recipe in it!

 Be a vegetarian for a week –
 Because I love eggplant, and could seriously survive on just yummy vegetarian goodness. Chicken, I will miss you.

 Have the perfect bedroom – 
 This every girls dream. If you deny this, I’m sorry but you are 100% wrong.

 Meet Ball Park Music and have photos with them –
 I LOVE THESE GUYS! They make me super happy and got me through the last two years of high school. For that, they deserve billions of cookies and wow they’re the epitome of cool.

 Get paid to blog –
 I love blogging, and to be paid for it would be super cool, even if I get paid about $2 a week. I’d be totally up for that.

 Be dumped –
 What a depressing one to end on. But yes, folks, I have never been dumped, I’ve always been the one to do the dumping and I believe that it is probably time for me to taste some of my own medicine.
So maybe the last item isn’t as great as the other ones, but it’s on there. Why? Because many people I know have been dumped, and I don’t exactly want to be left out! Rejection is part of life guys and I’m here with sort of open arms.

Until next time

xx Sarah Judith

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