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Hello Everyone!

It has been a while, as I have been busy doing assignments! Term 3 is definitely a killer of a term... Anyways, I of course managed to fit in some shopping and that's pretty much what this new post is about. Some of the items I bought a few weeks ago, but I just thought they were cool enough to have in this post as well. I guess I'm spreading the love to my inanimate objects.

So I know most of us have heard of the book series 'Divergent' by the lovely Veronica Roth which has it's first book now as a movie! Congratulations, I saw it and it was amazing! Well, I found out about her new book 'Four' which is pretty much a prequel to begin with and just tells you about Fours life before, during and after the time slot that the 'Divergent' series took place. I bought the book of course, at a discounted price because I had about $5 on my Dymocks card ;)

I love you Dymocks.

And the second book I bought is 'Wreck This Journal' by Keri Smith. If you haven't heard of this book, we can no longer be friends. Sorry. But if you have heard of this book or/and have one of your own, I love you all so much more and seriously, I would love to see your creations, so feel free to tweet me you pages or tag me on instagram! I might take on some ideas for mine from it. 

(Twitter: @thesjdiaries Instagram: @thesarahjudithdiaries)

As you can see from my babble I kind of love books... :)
And now for something oh-so-exciting! I managed to finally finish a lip balm! I know, it's not that exciting, but in my whole 17 years, I have somehow managed to never finish one because I either lost it, or it ended up in the wash because I forgot it was in my pockets!

So here it is, the current one I am trying to finish, in all its glory.
I also got a visa debit card recently, and of course that now means I can shop online! I was scrolling on wish and saw this skirt, which was on sale, from about $40 down to $11! I was so excited because it has Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' printed on it and of course I had to have it. The shipping was only $4 from China to Australia, so I of course got that. It came in 14 days which was really quick, not that I have much to compare it to...
But I love it to bits and my art teacher was definitely thrilled when I brought it in to show it to her. 

It came with a free gift, which were these earrings, which I'm not going to wear because they are made out of super cheap crappy looking material, but just the thought of having a free gift was really cool!
I also bought a new phone case from Wish, so hopefully in 2-3 weeks I'll post about that as well! It's a super gorgeous case to be honest. 

And here is a totally majestical looking stapler. Yes, I know, 'wow you seem really proud about buying a stapler. Nerd.' Whatever. It was on sale so I got it for about $3 and it is my first stapler, and it's pink so it matches pretty much everything I own. 

I feel really mature about having my own stapler...

And I have a plan to start up an Etsy store once I graduate, so I bought an A4 visual diary to draw my ideas in so then I can get ahead with designing!

I bought these skirts ages ago, they were $2.50 each!

I had to buy them, and even though they're too big for me, I knew that they would make the perfect cushion covers. The patterns won't actually match my room design, so maybe I'll give them away? I have no idea, it was mainly an impulse buy and I somehow have no regrets.

Mmmm chocolate...
I always buy two bars of Dream Chocolate the weekend after my fortnightly pay day, because I love chocolate and I don't really watch my weight... 
I'm eating some right now, not even regretting it.

I'm pretty sure we've all seen the ads on TV recently of Revlons new 'Colorstay Gel Envy'. Well, I found out that Chemist Warehouse was having a 2 for $20 sale on them, so of course I went and got some! I got the colour 'Wild Card' (which totally makes you think of this blue, right?) and the 'diamond top coat'. I haven't tried them yet as I am still in my school term, and we have a 'no nail polish' policy and also rules that pretty much stop us from showing the world who we are on the inside, which they tell us to do nearly every day...

BUT, I will try them out in about 4 weeks time, and I will definitely be posting the results! I am so excited for the holidays!

Target was having a sale, and so I got these two cute dangly earrings for $3 each! I'm pretty sure you all must have noticed that I buy mostly everything on sale...

Well sorry for saving!

And this is my favourite buy so far, my new watercolours and paintbrushes. I needed some for my art assignment, and I wanted to have my own instead of using the dodgy looking ones from school. $15 later and I was the happiest person alive. 

My watercolours could be appearing in Etsy soon? (hint right there, folks)

And of course, Sanity was having a sale, '3 for $60' and I got the first three seasons of 'Offspring' because I watched one of the recent episodes because it was just on TV and I bawled my eyes out.

I bought these the next day of course...

I went shopping with my mother the other day at 'Petrie Markets' and there wasn't that many stores there because it was poring down rain, and us Queenslanders are a bit scared of rain... (I love it, but people up here just aren't used to the sight of rain) And I found this jacket, with imitation leather for only $30! It was again on sale - duh it's me shopping here - marked down from $60. 
I have been searching for a good leather jacket for ages! Thank you good old lady, your shop was amazing!

It came with this weird little foam pom-pom thing and it smells nice. Neither mum or I knew about it being in the bag, so I'm just using it to smell up my wardrobe until it's not nice smelling anymore.

That's the last two or more weeks of my shopping! I have saved a lot of money from my sale hunting skills, naturally, and I don't even regret a thing. 

I also have some announcements to make, such as the Etsy store I have mentioned a few times above.
I have been interested in starting one for ages and just selling things that I've made just for fun yet don't want to keep. It happens, all the time and usually they end up being a gift to a friend or someone. Anyways, as I am going into Uni next year, I have decided to just sell them to make some money on the side!

It sounds like a good plan to me!

Also, I have been wanting to start a newsletter for my blog, so that I can notify people of new posts, or just a simple 'hey'. I have no idea!

I am trying to get to know my followers better, so if you tweet at me, or even email me, or whatever social networking thing you stalkers can find me on, no matter what ridiculous time it is, I will try answer you! I love talking as you can tell from this overly long post. 

Thanks again for reading this post!

Sarah Judith xx

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