Thursday, 7 August 2014

My Happy Book

This year is my final year of high school, and if your someone who knows me well, you would know that I get stressed about school work really easily. So, as a way to overcome this stress I decided to make a book of happy things, hence the 'My Happy Book' idea.

I found a notebook at Typo for about $15. That, and maybe some double sided sticky tape is pretty much the only things you would buy for this creation.
So here is the page I dedicated to my all time favourite band, Ball Park Music. When their album 'Puddinghead' came out I saw this article and cried of happiness for them. The movie ticket that is stuck to it is from the movie 'Blended' which has one of their songs in it! Pretty darn good for a Brisbane band I guess.
This one is just more movie tickets with pictures from magazines that I liked the look of, nothing to special in this page, but it makes me happy. That's pretty much the point of this book!
This one has a photo from my semi-formal, which the blacked out square is actually my school crest is, but obviously I'm not going to put that in there... Sorry.
And yes, there's a bad word... Sorry again!
The page here is covered in things I've done with my mum, and the black square underneath it, it has some details I am not putting on the internet sorry :)

Some more semi-formal photos! And the invitation, which no one else seemed to save, so it could be considered a rarity.

And this is my most favourite page, which is a card from a special person, and I love it so much that I read it all the time. It's a bit sad that I do that to be perfectly honest!
So, that's my happy book! It is no where near finished, and it is something I keep with me at all times. Whenever I go to school, it's in my bag. If I'm having a bad day at school, or I'm starting to stress, I whip out this bad boy and look at it for a while. It's pretty cool.
That's my blog for this week!
I may have another blog coming up on the weekend about my little haul I got last weekend. I was going to post it the day after I actually went shopping, but I of course got sick for five days...
Keep posted! And if you decide to make your own happy book, let me know on twitter, or my facebook, wherever you decide!
Sarah Judith xx

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