Saturday, 26 July 2014

Busiest School Week and an Announcement!

Hello again!

I've been super busy this week, and so has my camera.

As I am my schools senior photographer - our team of photographers consists of me and my maths teacher haha - I was having a huge week due to it being '*insert school name here* Week'! For legal reasons I can't exactly tell you which school it is, sorry.

But! I was running around for about two hours snapping photos of everything and everyone, for the whole week. I don't think I've had a better work out!

I would absolutely love to show all of you some of the photos that I was able to take, but sadly most of them have my school uniform in it or the name of my school somewhere in it. So, there was a picture of a sheet of music that was played on one of the days, so I'll show you that.

So, this is one of the reasons I haven't been able to post for a while, but I have an awesome idea for a post to be coming up! It has to do with my art assignment, getting messy and reusing old books!

Also something I would like to share with everyone, I now have a twitter, so you can all stalk me! (Please, please, please don't!) Anyways, it's @thesjdiaries so if you follow me, tweet at me and we can be really cool twitter friends!

See you next time,

Sarah Judith xx


  1. Hehe staying busy is sometimes very good :)

    No I won't stalk you, because I am not on Twitter xD.I am focusing only on Google+ right now.

    1. I'm loving being busy! It certainly beats doing nothing