Tuesday, 23 December 2014

My New Future

Hello everyone!

So as you may remember a few blog posts back, I discussed when some results would come out, and the results I was most nervous about was the OP. Well, let's just say that it was definitely a lot worse than what I thought my worst would have been.

It was super bad.

I checked the results while I was at my work break (I know, how stupid was that) but of course I ended up getting sent home early from work because I was crying. But thankfully the people at my work are super lovely and ever since, they've been checking up on me, telling me not to give up. 

I'm not going to say what my OP was, but it was bad enough that I can't get into a bachelor of nursing at any university in Queensland. I did really well in QCS (I got a B) and I also did really well in my subjects. It's all down to the rest of my grade doing really badly in QCS. Thank you, ex-fellow Year Twelve's for some of you filling in some of the answers with sarcastic remarks like I heard you laughing about, you really made me happy.

Luckily I have a really cool back up plan, which is to go to Tafe and I'm actually excited for it. I will hopefully be attending Tafe at SouthBank, doing a Diploma of Nursing, which will take 18 months, ensuring that I can work as an Enrolled Nurse. 

My future may have changed hugely from what I originally wanted it to be, but I believe it's all for the best. So Tafe, watch out, because I'm pretty sure it's going to be a freaking awesome year!

I hope that everyone else's OP's were super great and no one else had a meltdown in front of their fellow team members. Hopefully everyone got what they wanted or needed and is super happy with what they're doing next year!


Sarah Judith xx

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