Friday, 12 December 2014

5 Things I love and Hate About Being Graduated

Hello! Sorry for not posting for what seems like forever! I had a lot of stuff to do, and tonight is the first night I've finally had to myself, without working or going out with friends. (And studying, which was about four weeks ago).

I have some pretty flipping awesome news...


Probably one of the most happiest moments of my life, and at the ceremony, I got an award! It was for helping the school without ever being asked, and also being the school photographer for the last two years, giving up my time to take photos of people and things for the school!

They gave me a $100 gift voucher to Dymocks and I bought two photography books with it so I can expand my uses of my camera even more so. Thanks school :)

So in this happy, commemorative blog post, I will be writing two lists. '5 Things I Love About Being Graduated' and '5 Things I Hate About Being Graduated'.

Here goes...

5 Things I Hate About Being Graduated

  1. Working - I have been working 32hour weeks which is super hard because I'm used to working 10 hours maximum a week. The pay is awesome though! ($850 a fortnight roughly)
  2. Home Time - I am rarely at home, which means that I barely have time to do mundane stuff like clean my room, do chores, and I even miss cleaning my clothes.
  3. Juggling Different Lives - I have my work life, family life, social life and blogging life. It's been super hard to even fit in this before going to bed tonight because I have a long day at work tomorrow! Social life is hard because I have different friendship groups and then family has at the moment been pushed nearly to the bottom, but thankfully they understand that I'm trying. Blogging has very obviously hit the bottom, but I have decided to write more than one blog post a day (when I have time) and then schedule them! What a genius idea.
  4. No Sleep - I have been sleeping really badly because of my crazy schedule and I'm hoping that next year work will hopefully sort out my hours. It's Christmas, so its pretty darn ridiculous!
  5. Christmas Shopping - Super hard to get done! I spent two hours in the shops, somehow managing to get all my presents in time, and now I just need to find time to wrap them. Maybe I'll just end up buying those present bag things because of lack of time :O
5 Things I Love About Being Graduated
  1. What is School? - Haven't been to school in about 3 weeks and I have pretty much forgotten the ways of school. What is homework? What is this thing they call classes? Yep, really loving not getting stressed about having to do assessment for subjects I absolutely hate and am never going to need out in the real world. Sorry pi formula, you just take up too much brain space.
  2. Going out with Friends on a School Night - Oooh damn. Going out to around 11pm on a school night? That used to be practically illegal in my parents eyes and now I could be gone all day and into the night without even a text asking what time I'll be home. Makes me feel a little unloved, but so much more mature.
  3. The Money - Since I have been working 32 hours a week, I have a lot of money flowing in. It means that I will have a fair amount of spending money for Melbourne, and what's left over once I get back from that goes to my new laptop for University. The laptop I've been using is my brothers old one and it's a little old. Sorry, little Acer.
  4. Teasing My Brother - The first week I had of holidays was while my brother was still at school, completing Year 10. So, I of course rubbed that in to him by doing as many things as I could, sending him snapchats and texts to him at least once an hour. He really loved that.
  5. Holidays - I have a super long holiday, which started on the 21st of November and it will end when University commences in March next year. That's a whole lot of time I have to do stuff in, and a whole lot of blog posts waiting to be written. 

So there we have it. The two lists I have been thinking about since I graduated. But seriously, being graduated makes me feel so different. Who am I without school? I can wear whatever I want, have my hair however I want and can get more piercings I want.

So a few questions out to you all, what should I do for the rest of my holidays? What should I do in Melbourne and also a more general one, when did you graduate? (If you haven't graduated you can always tell me when you are going to graduate!)

Thanks for being so awesome, 

Sarah Judith xx

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